Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Stir Fry Sauce

Try this with stir-fried chicken and vegetables (for example onions, peppers, baby or frozen corn, courgettes, tinned bamboo, tinned water chestnuts, whatever you have or fancy), stir in at the end after you have added any noodles or rice; just enough to coat (it is too rich to have as a 'gravy')

(I often make a small pot of this to drizzle over or dip spring rolls into)

Equal quantities of honey and Worcestershire sauce

a dash of Tabasco to taste

(a pinch of dried coriander leaf or a few fresh leaves if you have some growing)

I sometimes also grate in some root ginger with the vegetables (root ginger freezes well, peels easily with a potato peeler and can be grated from frozen into dishes)

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