Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Spicy prawn salad

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This will do about 300-400g of prawns (so just scale up or down as required).

Serve with garlic bread (focaccia is good) or your choice of bread (and chopped cucumber, tomatoes, peppers...)

Mix one and a half to two teaspoons of brown sugar, three heaped teaspoons of ground coriander, about half to one teaspoon of paprika or cayenne pepper (according to taste, but even one teaspoon of cayenne is quite medium) with about three tablespoons of lemon juice. Add some chopped spring onions (to taste, at least three or four, or just stick the bunch in) and a big handful of chopped fresh coriander. (If you are not using garlic bread, maybe add in a couple of cloves of crushed garlic. If you like a thicker dressing, add a couple of teaspoons of vegetable oil in too. It is still tasty if you don't have any fresh coriander.))

Leave the dressing to stand if you have time to let the flavours develop. Taste it and adjust lemon juice/sugar etc if necessary.

Stir in the prawns about five to ten minutes before you serve.

(This quantity is generally enough for the amount of prawns, but bear in mind if you are using tiddly ones it will not go as far, or if you like to soak up the tasty dressing you might want to make more)

(I made this as a starter for the first meal I prepared for the now Mr TT. It's still a favourite)

A teaspoon = 5 ml

A tablespoon = 15ml

300-400g = 3/4 to a pound (ish...)

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