Sunday, 1 December 2013

Leftover roast meat curry

Finely chop an onion and soften in a tiny amount of oil/spread. Add some curry powder (I use about three heaped teaspoons of 'mild') and stir. Stir in leftover gravy made from homemade vegetable stock (no thickening is needed, as the gravy already is) and gently bring to boil.

If it is for leftover roast chicken, I usually stir in some tomato purée (about two or three teaspoons). I tend not to if it is for leftover roast beef (There is no good reason for this, either tastes fine!)

Serve with slices of leftover roast chicken or beef and either boiled rice or toasted naan bread.

(If you add the meat to the curry sauce, make sure you heat it through thoroughly before serving.)

Sometimes if we have eaten all of the meat or have used it with a cold meat salad, I make the same curry sauce from the gravy, but make meatballs to go in - see Kofta Curry

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